8folios is a SaaS solution that helps your organization contain the complexity of IT.
  • Retain important IT knowledge in one place. Turn information scarcity into information abundance.
  • Increase awareness across the IT landscape. Improve communication, collaboration, and alignment.
  • Identify risks to Business Continuity, Compliance, Portfolio Management, and Security.
Take control.
  • Save money. $500K+ per 100 people in IT.
  • Save time. Align across teams easily and frequently.
  • Be proactive. Rationalize projects and priorities.
  • Manage risk, not blame.

Watch our brief video, and download any PDF to learn more (no registration needed):

Value Proposition
Implementation Guide

Enterprise-class Features

Browser-based SaaS solution

No installs. Predictable costs. Immediate access to fixes and new features.

Easy to use

Minimal training. Add items in any order. Create items with minimal attributes.

Role-based Security

Control who updates what information. View-only users may also be defined.

Self-service Administration

Add or inactivate users. Assign a user to one or more security roles.

Data-quality Controls

Choose which attributes are needed. Get metrics on unknown information and connections.

Analytical Tools

Use the distinctive tools to review the information in different contexts. See around corners.


Initiate periodic reviews to ensure accurate and current content. Quickly assess what hasn't been reviewed.


Motivate users to add and update information. Assign points by folio and type of event.

Pricing and Cost-to-Value


Our pricing model is simple:
$15 USD per month ($180 USD annually), per named User.

The price includes all features of 8folios. There is no upsell of additional modules.

There is an additional, annual fee if your organization requires a single-tenant environment or Single sign-on (SSO) Authentication. Please see Deployment Options (below).


8folios offers a 27x Cost-to-Value for the common IT challenge of knowledge retention. Each person in your IT organization will spend at least one hour per week rediscovering lost or misplaced information.


  • I have a question regarding _______. Who should I contact?
  • We need to onboard a new person. Where is some reasonable documentation?
  • We need to patch ________. What is impacted? Who should I contact in advance?
  • We need to create a plan to upgrade ________. What is it connected to? Who should I contact to validate assumptions?
Our per-User formula:
  • Average cost of $100 hour * 50 Working Weeks = $5,000 per year rediscovering information.
  • $5,000 per year / $180 annual fee = 27x Cost-to-Value.
Our Value Proposition PDF (no registration needed) includes an enhanced formula on the Annual Cost of Rediscovery for an organization.

8folios will reduce the friction of rediscovery, and provide additional value. Download the PDF and see how we solve five common IT challenges. All for the same price and in a single tool.

Know your information. Know your landscape. Achieve better outcomes.

Take a Test Drive

Create a Free Account, and use it for real work or to conduct a risk-free evaluation of 8folios.

The Free Account provides all the features of 8folios, with reasonable limits of five active users and 500 items. A Free Account may be upgraded to a paid subscription at any time.

Select an Amazon AWS region for your Free Account, or please contact us if you would prefer a different Amazon AWS region.

North America - Quebec, Canada

North America - Oregon, USA

North America - Virginia, USA

Deployment Options

We offer options in any Amazon AWS region (e.g. Australia, Brazil, Germany, Singapore, UK) and the Amazon AWS GovCloud.

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